School Council Meeting – 08/02/2024

The School Council met with Mr Beattie on Thursday 8th February 2024 and we discussed the following:


  1. Football Nets. A parent has offered to donate football nets to the school for use at the Afterschool Football Club.
  2. Can the outside toys be brought out at break time? Mr Beattie explained that there would not be enough time to get the toys out and put them away during the 15 minute break time.
  3. New Textbooks. We asked Mr Beattie if we could get new textbooks as they were getting very worn. He explained that the Parents’ Council were fundraising to help fund new books.
  4. PE Bibs. We told Mr Beattie that we think the reason the children don’t like wearing the PE Bibs is because they smell bad. He has said he would arrange to have them washed.
  5. More games to play. We asked Mr Beattie about new games to play and he has asked us to come up with some ideas.
  6. Sponsor for school. We asked about getting a sponsor for school but Mr Beattie explained that this would be too expensive.
  7. Gaelic & Gymnastic afterschool clubs.  We asked about the possibility of having a Gaelic and Gymnastics afterschool club but Mr Beattie said we would need to find coaches for these.



School Council Meeting – 22/11/2023

Our School Council met with Mr Beattie on Wednesday 22nd November 2023 and we discussed the following:

  1. The possibility of getting a see-saw and monkey bars in the playground. Mr Beattie explained that the monkey bars are dangerous, and people might hog them so other people don’t get a go. And see-saws are a bit dangerous as well.  They also cost a lot of money.
  2. Repainting the lines in the playground.  Mr Beattie said that repainting the lines is a great idea, but it would take a lot of time to dry and would cost a lot of money.
  3. Using the wall-bars in the hall more often. Mr Beattie agreed that getting the wall bars out more is a good idea but with after school clubs on and dinners in the hall we would not have enough room to do it. Mr Beattie to talk with Mr Rodgers about seeing if it’s possible to get a bit more use of them.
  4. Changing the colour of the P7 Leavers Hoodies.  We discussed this and agreed that changing the Colour of P.7 leavers hoodies would be great, but some people might not like the colour the class chooses. Even so we are going to look into this more.




School Council Meeting – 4th October 2023

Our School Council met with Mr Beattie on 4th October and we discussed the following:

  1.  Football Club – We enquired about the possibility of extending this to younger children and agreed that this would need a coach and a day when the hall would be available for use on wet days.
  2. Football nets – We asked whether it would be possible to have football nets on our pitch. Mr Beattie explained that these are expensive and are a temptation for some children to swing from and mess around on.
  3. Fix the Basketball nets – We enquired about getting the basketball nets repaired as they have been broken for some time.
  4. Longer break times – we asked Mr Beattie if it was possible to have longer break times but he explained that this would mean less time in the classroom for learning and so we would have to have longer school days.
  5. Breaks between subjects – we told Mr Beattie that we would like a short break between subjects as this is important to awaken the brain.